1/13/21 Google Workspace Roundup: Updates that Matter Most

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Following a few quiet weeks at the end of 2020, the Google Workspace team has been actively at work to help customers enjoy a more easy, cohesive, and effective experience on several applications. Continue reading to learn about the new changes to the Admin console, Meet, and more.

Smart compose and autocorrect for comments

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Not long ago, the Google Workspace team rolled out smart compose for Docs and Sheets. Now, smart compose has been released for comments, helping you type feedback more efficiently. As you type, smart compose will add pale predictive text, and you can click “tab” to use the predictive text, or simply continue typing to reject it.

This also includes autocorrect, which corrects misspelled words automatically. You will know that a misspelled word has been corrected when a dashed line appears below it. To undo the correction, click on the word and click “undo.”

Google Credential Provider for Windows

Now, Google Credential Provider for Windows (GCPW) can be deployed and managed in the Admin console! This means that you no longer need to edit registry entries to manage GCPW, making your security workstream easier and more centralized.

Gmail delegate limit increased

Following feedback received from users, the Workspace team has moved to drastically increase the technical limit for the number of delegates to a Gmail account. Currently, that limit is 25 delegates, but will soon increase to 1000 users for all paid Workspace editions. A gradual rollout will begin on January 12, 2021 and will conclude by the end of the month.

In light of this change, we want to emphasize that:

  • Up to 40 users may access the same account at a time.

  • All normal Gmail limits and policies will still apply.

  • Contacts delegation remains at a limit of 25 delegates per user.

  • Gmail accounts, including delegated accounts, are not recommended as a replacement for high-volume operations (i.e. sales and support). We strongly recommend the use of a dedicated ticketing system for these teams.

New troubleshooting options for Meet

Video call interruptions can be a major nuisance, but a new update to Google Meet makes them much more avoidable. Next time you encounter buffering, click the three vertical dot menu and click “Troubleshooting and Help.” You’ll see the following key details:

  • A live graph showing CPU load and network stability

  • Highlighted times when the local environment  affected the call quality

  • Suggested actions to help improve call performance

  • Real-time feedback on the effect of any action taken on network and processing load

  • General Meet tips

You can use these statistics to help you avoid future slowdowns.

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