1/23/20 G Suite Roundup: Updates That Matter Most

Women Staff

This week in G Suite, learn about some updates that will expand the functionality of Hangouts meet, 2-step verification and Admin console compatibility.

Hangouts Meet hardware feature

The HDMI cable included as part of the Hangouts Meet hardware can now be used to present high-quality video (including audio) to your fellow meeting participants both onsite and remote.

iPhones can now be used for 2-step verification

Security keys provide the strongest form of 2-step verification, protecting your account from security breaches. Previously, only Android devices could be used as security keys, but this feature has been expanded to Apple devices.

For detailed instructions on how to make use of this powerful security measure, click here.

Windows 10 device management via the Admin console

Windows devices will soon be more comprehensively managed in the Admin Console. This will aid with configuration, updates, and security. Sign up for the beta here.

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