10/15/19 G Suite Roundup: Updates That Matter Most

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As always, G Suite is ever-evolving to stay at the cutting edge of collaboration technology. Keep reading to learn about recent developments to your user experience on apps like Sheets and Slides, as well as new features in the Admin Console.

Goal-setting and simple editing in Sheets

Goal Seek, a new add-on for Sheets, can help you and your team plan for and evaluate goal achievement. Using cell values, it calculates the values necessary for a certain numeric requirement to be met in another cell. This will be especially useful in forecasting and evaluating dollar amounts, such as break-even points. Install this tool here.

Also new to Sheets is the ability to easily alter graph elements with a simple click. Drag them to reposition them, or select them and then hit the backspace or delete key to quickly remove them.

Other new keyboard shortcuts for Sheets include the following:

  • Use “Tab” to switch between elements

  • Use “Enter” to select an individual element from a group

  • Use “Escape” to return to a group

  • Use arrow keys to reposition the selected elements

Customizable captioning in Slides

Now, live auto-generated closed captions for Slides presentations are customizable, including text size and position, so you can ensure that your text is as valuable to your audience as possible. To learn more about how to activate closed captioning, click here.

Security standards validation and Cloud Search data in the Admin Console

G Suite Admins can make use of the new MTA-STS configuration diagnostics validation page. Additionally, Cloud Search data is more accessible to Admins so they can better understand how applications are being used.

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