10/20/20 Google Workspace Roundup: Updates that Matter Most

This week in Google Workspace (previously G Suite), find out about the recent updates to help you save time in Gmail and Sheets, and more.

Managed Android device security

To prevent interruption, users of managed Android devices at your organization should upgrade from the legacy Google Apps Device Policy to Android Device Policy. The deadline to upgrade is October 26th, 2021. This leaves just over a year before the deadline, but we suggest asking users to make the change now to prevent sync errors.

New way to play videos in Slides

Whether you’re giving a speech remotely or in person, Google Slides is a great way to provide a visual alongside your presentation. Previously, to play a video embedded into a slide, presenters needed to move their cursor and click directly on the video in order for it to play. Now, presenters can instead simply click anywhere by default to start a video in their slide. This will help presentations go more smoothly, preventing interruption when transitioning to a video.

Compose-time Gmail add-ons

Google has introduced a variety of new add-ons for Gmail designed to help you reduce the amount of time needed to compose emails. These add-ons serve to help you:

  • Automating the addition of recipient addresses

  • Insert content into the subject line and body of the email.

  • Insert message templates for a consistent look and feel for your communications, and more.

Admins should whitelist these applications for their domains as desired. Once they have done so, users can install them by clicking the “+” button in the Google Workspace quick access side panel.

Smart Fill for Sheets

Smart Fill for Google Sheets is here! Similar to Smart Compose in Gmail, this feature automates data population. Smart Fill uses information within the sheet to detect patterns and autocomplete columns using predictions, and it also draws from Google’s Knowledge Graph, as well as your company directory when appropriate.

All Google Workspace domains will have this feature enabled by the end of November 2020. This is enabled for users by default, and there is no Admin control for this feature.

Have questions about any of these updates? Interested in seeing what a Google Partner can do for your organization? Submit a contact form and we’ll be in touch soon.