10/8/19 G Suite Roundup: Updates That Matter Most

hiview crew

Recent G Suite updates bring new functionality to Voice and an updated interface to all G Suite apps for Android users. Read on to learn the details of these developments.

Voicemail for auto attendants

Now, Voice users can use a voicemail for their auto attendants in order to better manage calls. End users do not need to activate this feature. Admins can find instructions on Google’s G Suite Admin Help page here.

Dark theme for Voice

Google Voice now offers a Dark theme option, which preserves device battery and prevents eye strain, especially in low-light conditions. To activate this feature, go to Menu > Settings > Display Options > Theme, and select “Dark.”

Optimized apps for Android

Beginning Monday, October 7th, Android users may have noticed visual improvements in G Suite apps, including clean, legible typefaces, more consistent user controls, and new icons and styles for document lists. Although there are no functionality changes, these updates are expected to create a more enjoyable and consistent G Suite experience for Android users.

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