12/17/19 G Suite Roundup: Updates That Matter Most

Recent G Suite updates include more ways to respond to calendar invites and a new option to send emails to others. Read on to learn about how to make the most of Calendar and Gmail!

Time proposal and notes for Calendar via Gmail

After opening a Google Calendar invite in Gmail on the web, click the dropdown menu labelled “More Options.” You will see that you can now choose between proposing a new time for the event and adding a note to your RSVP. Rapid Release domains should already have this feature enabled, and Scheduled Release domains can expect to see this feature on January 13th of the new year.

Send emails as attachments in Gmail

Sometimes, sending an email as an attachment is more appropriate than forwarding it. Previously, users had to download emails in order to send them as an attachment in Gmail. However, Rapid Release domains can now simply click the checkbox to the email they wish to attach, click the three-dot dropdown menu in the top bar, and select “Forward as attachment.” This will be available for Scheduled domain users on January 13th of 2020.

Questions? We’re all ears.