12/5/19 G Suite Roundup: Updates That Matter Most

The holiday season may be fast-approaching, but teams at Google have been hard at work with new updates that help keep G Suite on the cutting edge of workplace collaboration. Read on to find out about developments to Google Tasks, Sites, and admin security settings.

Dark mode for Google Tasks on iOS

“Dark mode,” a popular setting option for various applications and websites, is easy on the eyes, particularly when used in low-light environments. Tasks users on Android can already use this helpful, battery life-conserving feature, and now, so can iOS 13-based users. To enable dark mode for Tasks, simply access your device’s Default System Settings and toggle the “Dark” setting.

New features for Google Sites

Version histories of newly-created Sites are now viewable for all users. To access this, click the three-dot menu in the top-right corner. Then, select Version History.

Additionally, users can review the latest changes to their Google Site before publishing. Simply select “Review changes and publish,” and you will see a split-screen view of the most recent version next to the previously published version, complete with annotations indication what changes were made and by whom.

New option to make security codes more secure

Introduced in June of 2019, security codes are one-time passcodes that allow entry to legacy platforms that do not directly accept security keys. Now, admins will notice that there are three options for security codes:

  • Don’t allow users to generate security codes.

  • Allow security codes without remote access.

  • Allow security codes with remote access.

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