2/28/20 G Suite Roundup: Updates That Matter Most

Several significant updates have recently been made to G Suite applications. Below is a quick look at the highlights that will help make Gmail, Docs, and Calendar more versatile and time-saving.

Gmail for iOS users can now add attachments from the Files app

Previously, users on the iOS Gmail app were limited in how they were able to attach files to their emails. Now, iPhone and iPad users can upload attachments via the Files app.

Smart Compose in Google Docs now available

After significant beta testing, Smart Compose for Google Docs is now available to all G Suite Basic, Business, and Enterprise customers! Similar to Smart Compose for Gmail, this feature will offer suggestions while you type to help expedite repetitive writing.

This feature is on by default. If you’d prefer to disable this feature, you can do so in Gmail by navigating to Tools > Preferences and unchecking “Show Smart Compose Suggestions.”

OOO information visible in more locations

In 2019, Google introduced the ability to view whether users were out of office (OOO) in a variety of locations, such as while composing emails to them or while sending messages in Hangouts Chat. Now, users can also find this information in more places on Gmail for web, including in the “To” and “From” fields in emails, and while hovering over someone’s name in your inbox.

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