3/12/21 Google Workspace Roundup: Updates that Matter Most

Google has recently released several features set to improve how you use Calendar, Meet, the Admin console, and more! Read on to learn about the updates.

New feature for rooms in Calendar

With many previously remote teams now transitioning back to in-office work, Google has released a new feature to make booking a meeting room a smoother experience. Previously, users could book a room for their meeting in advance, only to have the meeting room decline at the last minute, leaving members without a place to meet. With this feature, Calendar will now automatically choose a replacement room when possible.

Rollout for this feature has completed. It is on by default, and is available to Google Workspace Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, and Education Plus, as well as G Suite Basic, Business, and Nonprofits customers.

App additions for Google Workspace Essentials

Several new additions have been made to Google Workspace Essentials! These include three apps:

  • Chat

  • Calendar

  • Jamboards

For questions about Workspace Essentials and to purchase licenses, contact us.

New add-on for Google Workspace Enterprise Plus

Google recently announced Assured Controls for Google Workspace Enterprise Plus, a paid add-on to help Admins control their cloud service provider access and improve their information governance practices.

For more information, see Google’s article here.

Set up Google Meet breakout rooms prior to meetings

Breakout rooms are a key way to engage participants, especially for educators. Soon, meeting owners will be able to set up their breakout rooms in advance, saving valuable time and ensuring thoughtful group member selection so that group discussions will be more fruitful.

Once rollout completes in April, this feature will be available to Google Workspace Essentials, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Nonprofits and Education Plus as well as G Suite Business customers, Teaching and Learning upgrade (launching in April).

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