3/29/21 Google Workspace Roundup: Updates that Matter Most

Quarter 1 has been busy for the Google Workspace team! Within the last few weeks, they have released several helpful updates to Meet, the Admin console, Drive, and Chat that we’d like to share with you. Read on to learn the news.

See more participants in Meet

Google has released a new feature allowing users to see more participants when joining a Google Meet on mobile. Users joining from smartphones will see up to 8 participants at a time, and those using iPads will see up to 48 participants. Rollout for this feature has begun and will conclude in early-to-mid April 2021.

Recommended DLP rules

Rollout has begun for a new feature: recommended data loss prevention (DLP) rules. These are automatically generated and are personalized for each organization based on its data protection insights report and the DLP rules already implemented.

Admins can see their organization’s recommended rules by navigating to Admin console > Security > Data protection.

Use search operators in Google Drive

Searching for files in Google Drive just got easier. Now, you can use the following search operators in your queries:

  • “from: [name]:” returns files shared with you by the name or email address you specify.
  • “to: [name]:” returns files shared by you to the name or email address you specify.
  • “sharedwith [name]:” returns files that the specified name or email address owns or has permission to view, comment, or edit.
  • “owner [name]:” returns files owned by the specified name or email address.

Customize Chat notification settings

The Google Workspace team has released a new feature allowing all Workspace and G Suite Basic and Business customers to customize the frequency of their Google Chat settings. You can choose to receive notifications for all messages sent to your Chat rooms, only for those that @mention you, or you can turn off all notifications. See below for an example:

Suggestions in Google Chat

At the top of the Google Chat section of your Gmail inbox, you will now see suggestions for 1:1 conversations based on your upcoming meetings. This Chat suggestion will be available for ten minutes before and after the meeting. This will make it easier to share information or files prior to the meeting, let attendees know if you are running late, or share brief follow-up items after the meeting has concluded.

Rollout for this feature is in progress and is scheduled to complete in early April 2021.

For questions and assistance with these updates, contact us.