5/15/20 G Suite Roundup: Updates that Matter Most

Recent G Suite updates can improve the way you use Chat and Gmail, and an expansion of admin capabilities helps enable remote collaboration. Read on to learn more and to use these features.

New Google Chat App released

Google Chat (previously referred to as Hangouts Chat) has newly-released standalone Progressive Web Application (PWA) app for in-browser use, providing a more streamlined and well-integrated way to make use of the powerful messaging tool. Click here to learn more about this app.

Additionally, you can now use Google Chat to communicate with Google account users outside your domain. No admin action is needed to activate this feature.

Use MDM to distribute digital certificates

Now, admins can distribute digital certificates via MDM to Android and iOS devices both on and off your organization’s network. This makes it easier for off-premise users to access important features such as G Suite, and company WiFi hotspots.

See Google’s help article for more information and for admin instructions.

Toggle Meet in Gmail

As was previously announced, G Suite users can now start and join Meet video meetings while in Gmail. The G Suite team has now added an option to disable this feature. End users who wish to do so can simply follow these instructions:

  1. Open Gmail.

  2. Click Settings in the top right.

  3. Click Chat and Meet.

  4. Change your settings as desired, and click Save Changes.

As always, our inbox is open if you need any guidance with regard to these updates!