6/10/20 G Suite Roundup: Updates That Matter Most

Recent G Suite updates make for easier migration to Google’s updated Chat platform, better use of the Admin console, and more effective remote collaboration via Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Migrate users from classic Hangouts to Google Chat

Admins can now upgrade their organization’s users from classic Hangouts to Google Chat by using the Chat Preferred setting. This option allows for a seamless all-at-once migration for all users. It is especially recommended to use this option because some users remaining on classic Hangouts and some on Chat can lead to issues such as missed messages.

Admin console improvements

The G Suite Team has made many updates to the Admin console, making its use more streamlined and intuitive. Here is an overview of these updates:

  • API client access page: This page, which can now be found at Security > API Controls > Domain-wide Delegation, has a more visually clear organization with more features.

  • G Suite Marketplace apps (GSM) settings: This section’s interface and functionality have been updated so that there are more options available including a “partially approved” status for apps, grouping for data access scopes by API buckets, and apps’ OAuth client ID.

  • Roles homepage: The new Roles homepage allows admins to quickly see all system and custom roles and their assigned administrators. Additionally, quick-action buttons allow admins to easily manage, assign, and view the details of various roles.

New comment interface for several apps

You may have noticed some alterations made to the comment and action item interface while accessing Docs, Sheets, or Slides on your mobile device. This is because Google has updated these to allow for easier, faster, and more intuitive remote collaboration. These updates are currently only available for Android mobile devices. No admin action is necessary for activation.

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