6/28/22 Google Workspace Roundup: Updates that Matter Most

Today’s brief Google Workspace Roundup highlights both user-side and Admin-side updates to Google Forms, Microsoft/Workspace compatibility, and key security alerts. Read on to learn how your Google environment can benefit from these feature releases.


New DLP feature for external Forms

As part of Google’s DLP (Data Loss Prevention) features for Drive, sensitive data can now be protected within Google Forms. Through this feature, your domain’s existing Drive DLP policies will apply when users attempt to make a submission in an external Google Form.


For example, if your company’s DLP policies prohibit users from sharing social security numbers, if a user attaches a file to a Form submission containing what appears to be a social security number, the submission attempt will be prevented and an error message titled “File not allowed” will appear.


Rollout will complete for this feature in late July 2022. It applies to all editions with access to DLP features, which are Workspace Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, and all Education editions.


New fonts and text formatting for Forms

Google Forms are now more customizable! Alter the text in your Forms with font style and sizing options, including the ability to edit the header, subheadings, and body text separately. Underline, bold, italicize, hyperlink, and more in your next Form. Rollout for this feature will conclude in late July 2022 and will apply to all Workspace accounts, both business and personal.


Work offline in Microsoft Office files

In 2019, Google introduced Office file editing in Drive to aid in Microsoft 365/Google Workspace interoperability. Now, all Microsoft file types opened within Drive can be edited offline. This helps bring the collaboration and remote working benefits of Google to Microsoft file formats. This feature is now available to all business and personal Google Workspace user accounts..


Security alerts for highly sensitive configuration changes

Google Workspace Admins will now be notified in the Alert Center of select critical changes made to their environment. Alerts will be sent when any of the following events occur:

  • Changes to the primary admin 
  • SSO profile added: when a third-party SSO profile has been added and enabled for your organization. 
  • SSO profile updated: when a third-party SSO profile has been updated for your organization. 
  • SSO profile deleted: when a third-party SSO profile has been deleted for your organization. 
  • Password reset for super admins: when a password was reset for a super admin account.


See below for an example:

Admins of all Google Workspace and G Suite editions will gain access to this feature before mid-July 2022. Google is exploring a variety of additional high-risk event alerts. We will let you know when new alerts are released.



That concludes the latest news in Google Workspace! If you have any questions about the updates or are seeking complimentary support, migration services, and more from a certified Google Cloud Premier Partner, don’t hesitate to reach out using the contact form below.