7/17/20 G Suite Roundup: Updates That Matter Most

This G Suite Roundup gives a quick glance at the latest news in G Suite, including updates to Google Sheets, Meet, Gmail, and an important announcement regarding Google apps for both mobile and desktop.



Chart customization in Google Sheets

In response to requests to make Google Sheets charts more customizable, Google has made it possible to alter the content and style of almost any chart element. This includes color, font, and as shown in the gif above, textual content. The new sidebar editing interface makes changing these elements a breeze.

Noise cancellation for Meet

Whether or not you are a G Suite Enterprise user, you are probably enjoying free Meet Premium features with your G Suite account (if not, contact us so we can make sure you do!) until the end of September, 2020. Now, a brand new feature allows you to filter out background noise during meetings so that meeting participants can hear your voice– not typing, doors closing, or other sounds.

This feature is not automatically enabled. To enable it for your account, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Meet homepage.

  2. Click the Settings icon in the top right.

  3. Click Audio.

  4. Toggle Noise cancellation.

  5. Click Done.

Meet in Gmail on iOS mobile

The G Suite development team recently announced that Meet in Gmail for mobile was in the works. Now, rollout has begun for iOS and users should begin seeing a Meet tab in Gmail while on mobile in the coming days. The update should follow soon for Android, and we’ll let you know in our next roundup when this rollout will commence.

Update your Google apps

Changes to G Suite’s API and infrastructure mean that users on older versions of apps (December 2018 and prior) may experience issues come mid-August 2020 if they do not update their apps. This applies to both mobile and desktop applications.

The full list of apps is below:

  • Classroom

  • Docs

  • Drive

  • Drive File Stream

  • Gmail

  • Sheets

  • Slides


For questions about these updates, simply reach out to your Google Preferred Partner, HiView Solutions.