7/24/20 G Suite Roundup: Updates That Matter Most

Change access on google admin dashboard

This blog post covers updates to Gmail and G Suite security. Admins in particular should read on to learn about the changes to DLP concerns.


Meet in Gmail rolling out for Android

As shared in our previous G Suite update, a Meet integration in Gmail for iOS is now available, accessible through its own tab. Now, this integration is being rolled out for Android mobile users. Rollout began on July 20th and will conclude in early August.


Protect your data with app access control

As a new security measure, G Suite admins can now easily block apps from accessing any  OAuth 2.0 scopes. This makes it easy to quickly protect against high-risk or compromised apps. Blocked apps will not be able to view any of your organization’s G Suite data. To do so, navigate to Admin console > API controls > App access control.

You can customize the error message shown to users who attempt to install a blocked app using these instructions from Google.


Upcoming adjustment to Drive DLP

In January, a new system was launched to simplify the process of deploying data loss prevention (DLP) measures for Google Drive. Starting August 10th 2020, the rules created by admins within the legacy DLP system will be migrated to this new system. If you prefer, you can migrate these rules yourself any time prior to August 10th. You will know that the automatic migration is complete when you see a notification banner in your admin console.


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