7/31/20 G Suite Roundup: Updates That Matter Most

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Today’s G Suite Roundup covers recent updates to Google Chat and Google Calendar that make the apps more personalized and intuitive. These changes affect all license holders, including admins, so all G Suite for Business users should read on.

Dark theme for Google Chat

Dark theme has been making its rounds through Google’s product suite. Many users choose to turn on dark theme for their apps, primarily due to the benefits of increased battery life and reduced eye strain. In particular, dark theme creates a far better viewing experience in low-light conditions compared to regular (light) app themes. The popular setting has made its way to Chat for mobile, and users of both Android and iOS devices can turn on dark mode by accessing their Settings page within Chat. Systems already set to dark mode will not require activation.


Screenshot 2020-07-31 at 12.57.15 PM.png

Set default Calendar meeting length

When you initially click on a time in Calendar, you will notice that the automatically-generated event details that appear include a length of time. Most likely, the default event length of one hour will apply. Individual users have had the ability to alter their default meeting length, but a new update allows G Suite Business, Education, and Enterprise admins to change the default meeting length for their entire organization. This can be done by navigating to the Admin console homepage > Apps > G Suite > Calendar > Advanced Settings.

Note that individual users can choose to override the organization’s default length setting.


Change in Calendar conferencing policies

As of now, Google Calendar events organized by a delegate are owned by that delegate, and those events with transferred owners are considered to be owned by the original meeting organizer. Following user feedback, Google’s G Suite team has made the decision to make conferencing policies controlled by the most recent owner. This will make meeting controls a bit more intuitive for users.

That covers the most recent updates to G Suite! Be sure to check back for more updates soon, and reach out to us any time using our contact form.