8/14/20 G Suite Roundup: Updates That Matter Most

google voice app image

This G Suite Roundup will cover a variety of updates including Slides, Voice, and more. Most updates apply to all G Suite users, although admins in particular should pay attention to the update to Voice as they can enact this change for users as needed.

Access checker for videos and audio in Slides

It can be an awkward experience for a presenter and audience when an embedded video or audio file malfunctions during a presentation. However, manually checking that one has access to these can be a hassle. This led Google’s G Suite developers to create Access checker for Slides.

This functions similarly to Access checker for Gmail and Chat; when a Drive file is inserted into a presentation, a dialogue box will open suggesting permission changes if not all collaborators have access to watch or listen to the file.

This feature is on by default and does not need to be enabled by G Suite admins.


Link previews and Smart Compose for Docs on mobile

Updates to the Google Docs app will help make reading and composing easier while on the go. First, Google Docs will now include link previews. While on mobile, clicking a link will show a dynamic preview with information about the link. This can save the time needed to visit the link and make reading and editing on Docs a smoother, faster experience.

These updates have been automatically activated for both iOS and Android users.

Ring groups for Voice

Automatic call routing rules are now available for Google Voice. With ring groups, multiple people can send and receive calls from the same Google Voice number.

You can also customize a variety of other settings, including:

  • Simultaneous or ordered call routing

  • Caller IDs

  • What happens when a call is missed

Only admins can edit these settings. To do so, follow the instructions in Google’s help center.

That wraps up the major recent updates to G Suite! Questions? Seeking the support of a Preferred Google Partner? We’re here to help. Contact us here.