8/28/19 G Suite Roundup: Updates That Matter Most

A lot of changes have been in the works for G Suite (now Google Workspace)! These include updates to Gmail, Google Docs, Hangouts, security measures, and more. Read on to find out about all of the news.

Gmail user features

Gmail has undergone some improvements on its as-you-type grammar and spelling correction features, allowing you to more quickly type error-free emails. These AI-powered features will function automatically for all G Suite Business users, but not for users of personal accounts.

Gmail security

Security access for Gmail has been expanded. Now, superadmins and admins with “View detailed content” permission can access risk-associated emails directly in the investigation tool, including deleted emails. A justification must be entered for each retrieval.

Google Docs Live Updates

Google Docs has improved its accessibility for assistive technology users. Now, real-time edit updates will be available on this panel. To activate this, go to Tools > Accessibility settings and check “Turn on screen reader support.” Next, click “Show live edits” on the Accessibility menu.

Change in the timeline of Hangouts phase-out

In response to users’ comments about wanting more time to prepare for the transition to Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat, this change has been postponed to no earlier than June of 2020. There is still an option for early migration for organizations wishing to move away from classic Hangouts earlier.

New certification opportunity for admins

Professional Collaboration Engineer certification for G Suite admins Click here for more information.


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