8/30/21 Google Workspace Roundup: Updates that Matter Most

Google calendar showing meeting locations

We’re happy to share a wide variety of updates to Google Workspace (G Suite)! These include major updates to Google Meet’s interface and security, SSO capabilities, Forms features, Google Voice customization, and much more. Read on to learn about these updates so you can start taking advantage of the latest in Google Workspace.


Google Meet web app released

As part of Google’s continued effort to make Google Meet the premier video communication service, the team has unveiled the new Google Meet web app. Designed to improve meetings on desktop devices, this standalone app has all the features of Google Meet on the web while being easily accessible without the need to switch between tabs. The PWA (Progressive Web Application) can run on any device using the Google Chrome browser version 73 or higher. It works on Chrome OS, Windows, MacOS, and Linux devices.


To install Meet’s new web app, simply open meet.google.com and click Install in the top right.


Google Meet meeting roles updates

In addition to the release of its new web app, Meet has received an update to its host and attendee settings. In Meet, you can now:


  • Designate up to 25 cohosts for your meeting, providing them with the same host controls as you
  • Configure safety measures to limit who can share their screen, send messages in Chat, mute users, and end the meeting
  • Use the “Quick access” setting to adjust which users need to request permission to join a meeting if they are within the meeting


Limit Google Meet hardware enrollment privileges

The final update to Google Meet we’d like to share is regarding Google Meet hardware enrollment. Meet hardware (such as Chromeboxes) can be managed by organizations when enrolled with a Meet hardware license. Now, Admins can limit which users can enroll their organization’s Meet hardware. This will help Admins manage license consumption, ensuring that resources are properly distributed. 


Rollout for this feature has completed and it is available to all Google Workspace customers with Google Meet hardware licenses.


Automatic saving for forms and quizzes

Up until recently, completing only part of a form or quiz meant that your progress would be lost. That has changed, as progress is now automatically saved while you respond to forms and quizzes. No action is needed and this release is active for all Google Workspace users.


Upload customized greetings for Google Voice automated attendants

The days of robotic greetings for Voice automated attendants are over! Now, you may choose to customize your Google Voice line by recording your custom greeting rather than configuring a standard text-to-speech greeting. Here you’ll find instructions to record your new greeting.


Share where you’ll be working from in Google Calendar

In response to user requests, the Google Workspace team has released a new feature allowing users to specify in their calendar whether they will work from home, in-office, or elsewhere. This can be shared with coworkers to help with scheduling and project coordination.



This feature is available to Google Workspace editions Business Standard and above as of August 30th, 2021.


Limit external messaging to trusted domains in Google Chat

Workspace Admins now have the ability to control who users may message in Google Chat. By using trusted domains for Chat, Admins can ensure that users communicate with key stakeholders while limiting unnecessary external chatting. To make use of this new feature, Admins can navigate to Apps > Google Workspace > Settings for Google Chat and classic Hangouts. This feature is available for all paid Google Workspace editions.


Security groups now available to all

In 2020, the Google Workspace teams launched a new beta called Security groups. Now available to all paid Workspace editions excluding Workspace Essentials and Frontline, Security Groups enable Admins to regulate, audit, and monitor groups used for permission and access control purposes. For information about this feature and other features promoting security, Admins should visit the Help Center.


Intelligent suggestions in Google Sheets

Before the conclusion of July 2021, you’ll begin to see automatically-generated intelligent suggestions while working in Google Sheets. When you begin to insert a formula, you’ll notice that suggestions will automatically be displayed. Similar to the intelligent suggestions you see in Gmail, Docs, and other apps, simply hit the tab button to accept a suggestion.


This feature is available to all Google Workspace and G Suite users, including users of consumer (free) accounts. Not a fan of formula suggestions? While in Sheets, click Tools > Enable formula suggestions to toggle this feature on/off.


Hopefully these updates have been helpful! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us using our contact form. We’d be happy to help as your trusted Google Cloud Premier Partner.