9/20/19 G Suite Roundup: Updates That Matter Most

This week’s updates to G Suite applications include new functions for Jamboards, Forms, and Hangouts Meet. Specifically, these impact the user-friendliness and accessibility of these applications.

New features for Jamboards

Users of Jamboards on mobile devices can look forward to some helpful fine-tuning of their experience on this collaborative application. Features include starring, making a copy of a Jam, and sharing links to a Jam. These familiar features mirror those of other G Suite applications. Additionally, Jamboards is now better optimized for use on mobile devices in both landscape and portrait orientation.

New add-on for Forms

Now, G Suite users can opt to install a brand new add-on for Forms that will send them a notification once their Form has hit a certain milestone. For example, if you need to receive 100 responses to your Form, you can use the add-on to automatically send you a notification once this goal has been met. Click here to enable this function.

Hangouts Meet accessibility

Now, G Suite users have the option to enable live auto-generated captions during meetings. For now, this feature is available only in English and for users on Android. Additionally, live captions will not be visible in meeting recordings. To enable live captions, tap the “Closed Captions” button in the top right or bottom right of your screen depending on the device you are using.