9/3/19 G Suite Roundup: Updates That Matter Most

This week, changes have taken effect in the G Suite Alert Center, Slides, Gmail, and Hangouts Chat. These updates will help users better manage security, maximize the impact of their presentations, and protect their private time while out of office.


Alert Center updates

G Suite’s Alert Center is now more effective and collaborative. New features include alert assignment, prioritization, and searching. This streamlined navigation will help users better manage potential and actual security breaches, allowing organizations to better protect themselves.


Slides keyboard shortcuts

A nifty new feature has been added to Slides to give users more control over their presentations. Presenters may now switch to a plain black or white screen during their presentations using the keys “B” and “W” respectively. This will allow for presenters to take a moment to speak without visuals, drawing more attention from their audience.


Out of Office (OOO) status

Now, when your Calendar status is set to Out of Office, those who have access to your Calendar will see a notification banner indicating that you are unavailable even before they hit “send” in Gmail as well as Hangouts Chat.

Don’t know how to use the Out of Office function? Simply follow these steps: Open Calendar > select day and time(s) > select “Out of Office” > click Save. You can also choose whether to automatically decline meetings within the time frame, and set an automated message for colleagues who attempt to schedule. (Tip: follow @HiViewSolutions on Facebook and Twitter for more G Suite tips and updates!)


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