Why buy Google Workspace from a Reseller?

HiView is a Google Workspace Reseller

In 2024, companies are still “Going Google,” and adopting new ways of working.

Each day, companies switch from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace, often due to recent acquisitions, mergers, or new leadership that prefers Google’s way of working, such as shared documents. Additionally, many startups choose Google Workspace from their inception.

For small businesses, transitioning to Google’s productivity platform can be swift and straightforward—often allowing your organization and its users to begin using the apps in just one day. There is a wealth of information and tools available that guide companies through a quick and efficient self-implementation process.

However, if the process is so straightforward, one might wonder why IT staff can’t handle the implementation independently. What are the advantages of engaging a reseller, and how can their assistance benefit your business?

Key Benefits of Buying from a Workspace Reseller

Modern IT teams are jacks of all trades. They must continually update their knowledge across various software platforms, adapting to new updates and integrating innovative features into the existing IT framework.

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing Google Workspace through a reseller is access to a team of bona fide product experts. At HiView, many staff members now have over 10 years of experience helping Workspace customers. With deep experience, we’ve helped IT admins resolve a myriad of challenges and helped organizations upgrade how their staff collaborate and communicate.

Resellers such as HiView offer a level of personalized support that exceeds what Google can provide.

Google simply has a ton of Workspace customers—over 9 million at the end of 2023. Google doesn’t have the capacity to help all Workspace customers, so they have a trusted network of resellers.

As a reseller, HiView provides a robust support desk, account managers, and a team of engineers to help customers do more with Workspace. A reseller can also help you find other products that integrate well.

Google Workspace Partner
HiView is a leading Workspace Reseller in North America, supporting over 500+ IT departments.

The Subscription Cost Is the Same

Subscribing to Workspace through a reseller costs the same as subscribing directly with Google. Google allows resellers to earn a margin on the subscription and helps fund many services that resellers provide to customers, like support and account management. It also allows resellers to offer more competitive pricing around professional service projects like migrations, as resellers earn from the subscription sale as well.