Enhancing Software Development with Gemini


I’m Oscar, a software developer at HiView Solutions. I’m responsible for researching, planning, and developing end-to-end applications related to products offered in our reseller portfolio like Google Workspace, Google Voice, Google Cloud Platform service, and more. 

Before using Gemini, I was challenged with finding complete use cases from available online resources when engaging in my application work. Most online examples didn’t include the complete integration of a real-life scenario (i.e., they were missing authentication/authorization mechanisms, security, performance, etc.). 

Gemini Use Cases:

Code completion

Gemini can suggest code completions as you type, saving time and effort in every line of code. You can also use comments to provide context in your source code and get better results. Gemini will also take your codebase as context to suggest code snippets. For example, when entering the function getUserByName that returns a user from the database with the provided name, you can start typing a new getUserByEmail function. Gemini will take your getUserByName function as context to suggest code completions:

Gemini can generate code snippets based on natural language descriptions, helping you quickly prototype new features:

Root cause analysis

Debugging an application can be hard; finding the solution can be even harder. Gemini Code Assist can help you to understand the root cause of errors by highlighting sections of your code and provide context (ie. error messages, the result you are trying to get vs what you’re getting). Gemini can also suggest potential fixes.

In the above example, Gemini correctly suggested that we’re trying to use the data() method in an array instead of an individual document. It also suggests that we’re not handling potential errors during the database operation.

Code refactoring:

Gemini can suggest ways to improve the structure and readability of your code. For example, you may have a piece of code that is difficult to read and understand. You can ask Gemini to refactor a function (optionally providing instructions for context), and Gemini can suggest built-in functionality based on your programming language and even third-party libraries to help solve your specific problem:

Benefits of Using Gemini:

  • I have improved accuracy and efficiency in my development work. Gemini has helped me reduce errors and inconsistencies in my code, resulting in higher-quality software that is delivered faster.
  • By automating tasks and providing me with valuable insights, Gemini has helped me deliver more comprehensive solutions to our customers. This has led to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Gemini has significantly impacted my work as a software developer by automating repetitive tasks and keeping things consistent. It has helped me overcome the challenges I faced before as a full stack developer implementing third party libraries and integrations by analyzing my code and prototyping new features. 

I highly recommend Gemini and the Gemini Code Assist integrations to other software developers who are looking to improve their productivity and the quality of their code base. 

If you’re interested in experiencing the transformative power of Gemini for your organization, HiView Solutions is here to help. Our team offers comprehensive support and can help you from getting started to full implementation. We also offer training and adoption assistance, to ensure you maximize the benefits of this innovative technology. Contact us today to embark on your journey towards streamlined operations and enhanced customer satisfaction.