Google Workspace (G Suite) Archived User SKU

When an employee leaves the organization, one thing that is often top of mind is data loss prevention, protecting data such as emails, Drive files, and Calendar events that may contain private information. Preserving this information requires a manual migration process to either a local drive or to another email account, which can take time depending on the number of users. Luckily, G Suite has implemented the Archived User SKU, which allows organizations to preserve this information with a few clicks.

Why use the Archived User SKU instead of migrating/exporting data?

Administrators can archive and unarchive users at any time from the Admin Console, and any Google Vault administrator can search for the preserved data . This process was designed to help organizations looking to not only preserve data but to easily access when required.

There are two types of Archived User SKUs, separated according to the user license type:

G Suite Business – Archived User

This SKU allows organizations to maintain the user’s account with limited functionality. This allows the organization to retain the account’s data, including Google Vault.

The G Suite Business Archived User SKU includes 1TB of Google Drive storage.

G Suite Enterprise – Archived User

This SKU includes all of the above features, as well as additional data loss prevention functionality for Google Drive.

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