What is Google Credential Provider for Windows (GCPW)?

Google sign in

For Google Workspace administrators, ensuring security and ease of access for users is paramount. This is the case regardless of whether devices used are company-owned or personal, and the operating system (OS) of the devices. When it comes to enhancing security for Microsoft devices, we at HiView recommend setting up Google Credential Provider for Windows (GCPW).


Google Credential Provider for Windows is a single-sign on (SSO) solution allowing admins to manage access security, push Windows settings, and if needed, wipe device data remotely. GCPW is compatible with all Windows 10 devices, and can be configured so that users’ Google accounts sync with their Active Directory or local Windows profiles.


With GCPW, you can…



Add, edit, or delete custom settings for Windows 10 devices

As an administrator, you can use custom settings to configure device preferences and features on your organization’s Microsoft Windows 10 devices. This is a quick way to add policy settings that don’t have a configuration control in the Admin console. For example, you might want to disallow the use of a device’s camera or configure firewall settings.



Block apps on Windows 10 devices with custom settings

When using Windows device management, you can restrict which apps are allowed on those devices by adding custom settings in the Google Admin console. Simply specify the apps in an XML file and upload it as the value of the custom setting. You can block individual apps or all app files with a certain format, such as .EXE or .MSI.




Apply actions to custom settings for Windows 10 devices

You can apply your custom settings to all Windows 10 devices using the top-level organizational unit, or you can specific devices within a child organizational unit.
After creating a custom setting, you can then manage it using actions that determine its relationship to the parent organizational unit and other organizational units.




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