Why Use Google Voice for Business?

Google Voice icon

Google Voice is a cloud-based phone system optimized for companies of all sizes. With an easy-to-deploy call service, improved security and convenience through the integration of Google Cloud’s security, and artificial intelligence features, Google Voice allows administrators to have full control over the service.

Why use Google Voice?

Google Voice is not only smart, but also scalable and simple to use.

More control and integration – Its Google Workspace integration makes it easy for administrators to stay on top of everything with Voice. Google Voice integrates with Google Calendar outside of the office for real-time collaboration. It also integrates the Google Meet service, allowing users to call from a chat session.

Security and compliance – Google Voice is now a Google Workspace core service covered under the Google Workspace BAA for organizations that must adhere to HIPAA. It also complies with telecom regulations wherever the service is available. Google Cloud’s security and artificial intelligence features provide a powerful spam filter for calls and text messages so users can focus only on what’s important.

Device compatibility – Access the Google Voice system from anywhere on any mobile device. The Google Voice web app has been optimized with Google material design to work with any browser, and the mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices as well as Polycom Deskphones for more effective communication.

Smart features for business – The Google Voice Auto Attendant feature allows calls to be automatically transferred to the correct recipients in your organization without the need for an operator or receptionist. This automated attendant (“auto attendant”) lets callers select options by pressing keys on their phone. For example, you might set up a menu to tell callers “For support, press 1. For sales, press 2. To speak with an operator, press 0.”


For more information, about Google Voice, visit this page. Feel free to contact us with any questions and to get started with Voice!