Google Workspace for the State of California – GovOps Pilot

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We’re excited to share that our team has recently completed a successful pilot of Google Workspace with the State of California’s Government Operations department (GovOps)!

In partnership with Google, our team designed and implemented a cohesive technical and change management approach for the pilot. A group of 18 key users and administrators from GovOps, Department of General Services (DGS), and CDT were selected to participate, during which they tested select Google collaboration applications—Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides—alongside using their current Office 365 systems. Test users attended a series of Transformation Labs to learn about key functionalities, to ask questions, and to share their experiences and department-specific use cases. They also attended a Q&A session, were given instructional resources, and provided feedback about their experience via a User Survey administered upon the conclusion of the pilot.


The primary objectives of this pilot were are as follows:

1. Assess Google Workspace’s interoperability with State of California’s current Microsoft 365 IT environment.

  • State employees should be able to collaborate using Google Workspace products (Docs, Sheets, and Slides) and Microsoft 365 equivalents (Word, Excel, and Outlook) interchangeably.
  • The users should be able to log in using single sign-on (SSO) across all of Google Workspace’s product suite using their State email accounts.


2. Understand how users could improve productivity and collaboration by using Google Workspace products.

  • Find out users’ perceptions about Google Workspace as compared to the current IT environment following training sessions and support.
  • Learn about use cases that may make Google Workspace access valuable to State employees and contribute to the State’s productivity and collaboration as a whole.


High-level takeaways point to an opportunity to scale the use of Google Workspace to other state Agencies and Departments.  User survey results showed:

  1. Most test users liked using the Google Workspace tools as much as if not more than their Microsoft 365 counterparts.
  2. Most test users felt that access to Google Workspace applications increases their productivity at work.
  3. By the end of the pilot, users found tasks to be very easy to complete in Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides.


Click here to read the full case study.

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