Introduction to the HiView Billing Portal

Hiview portal dashboard

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We recently released a proprietary billing portal for all of our Google Cloud product customers! This allows admins and accounting teams to easily increase their license count, access invoices, and update their company information all within a simple, user-friendly interface. Google Workspace (G Suite) admins and accounting teams alike have shared highly positive feedback about our billing portal. Read on to learn about how to use this portal. 


Gaining access

If you’re a HiView Solutions customer for Google Cloud, you likely already have access to the billing portal. You can access the billing portal here and simply log in using your company Google account login credentials. For security purposes, we only enable access to the HiView Billing Portal for certain users. If you receive an error message when attempting to log in, contact our team at including your role at your organization (i.e. G Suite Admin) and we will promptly provide you with access.


Not yet a HiView customer? To gain access to this simplified license billing process for Google Cloud products (along with all the other benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose us as your Google Cloud Premier Partner), contact us and we’ll help you get started.


Navigating the portal

Now that you’ve gained access to the HiView Billing Portal, let’s take a look at what you can do.

Home – Here is where you’ll find your Billing contact information, which you can edit by clicking on the “Edit” button. To the right, you’ll see your Billing details. In this section, click View Transactions to access historical transaction data. Finally, at the bottom of the page you’ll see Subscriptions, which lists all of your Google Cloud subscriptions (i.e. Google Workspace Enterprise Plus, Google Workspace Business Plus, Google Voice) including license quantities. To adjust your license quantity, click on an application and adjust as demonstrated below:


Please note: When adjusting your licenses, if you are on a commitment/contract plan, your license count cannot be reduced until the commitment expiration date. You may increase your license count, but note that this also increases your commitment for the duration of the commitment period. This does not apply to organizations using Flex plans; in these cases, you may increase or decrease your license count as needed.


Billing – Click this option in the left sidebar (next to the credit card icon) to see your Transactions summary and Payment details. You can download historical invoices here.


Signature management – As of June 2021, our Gmail Signature Management Tool (which allows Google admins to easily update user signatures individually or in bulk) is in beta. We are excited to soon release this tool to all of our Google Workspace (G Suite) customers, and you will then see it in the left-hand sidebar of your HiView Billing Portal. Find out more about this unique tool in this video demo.


Contact us – Experiencing difficulty with billing? Click on this menu option and fill out a contact form. We’ll promptly reach out to you and help resolve the issue so your team can keep collaborating on Google Workspace (G Suite)!


Settings – Click this menu option to add or remove email addresses for users who should receive billing notifications and alerts, including copies of paid invoices for financial records.


This concludes our tour of the HiView Billing Portal! Hopefully this introduction was helpful. If you have any questions or feedback for our team regarding the portal, please contact Not yet a HiView customer? Contact us to learn about what we can provide as your Google Cloud Premier Partner for Workspace, Voice, Google Cloud Platform, and more.

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