Invoiced Billing for Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

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Before your team can start building in Google Cloud Platform (GCP), you must choose a reliable payment. Google Cloud billing is not one-size-fits all, and there are important considerations and restrictions when selecting your GCP payment method.


By default…

A valid credit card is required to initially set up your GCP account. This is saved to your Cloud Billing account and is charged according to your GCP spend.

Many customers enjoy the convenience of automatic billing via credit card. However, certain organizations encounter a major roadblock—they cannot use a credit card for their GCP billing.

This may be because:

  • They do not have a company credit card with a high enough limit
  • Their GCP spend is inconsistent
  • Their GCP practice is growing and they don’t want to risk their credit card declining unexpectedly


For these reasons, customers may want to pay for GCP via bank. So what are the other payment options for GCP?


Google’s alternative billing offering

Google allows GCP customers to apply for invoiced post-paid billing via bank account as an alternative to automatic credit card payment. However, Google strictly enforces several requirements for invoiced billing.

These requirements include:

  • Being registered as a business for at least 1 year
  • Spending at least $2,500 per month for the last three months
  • Operate in a country where invoiced billing is available


These companies—especially rapid-growth businesses such as startups—want to enjoy all the benefits of GCP, but cannot use GCP due to Google’s billing requirements. Time is of the essence. They need to find a billing option that keeps up with their growth as soon as possible. Without the ability to pay via bank account, they cannot pay for their Google Cloud projects.

This is where HiView comes in.


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Invoiced Billing for Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we are authorized by Google to handle billing for GCP customers. We are also authorized to allow customers bypass invoiced billing eligibility requirements and enjoy GCP invoiced billing.


Ternary CPU Tracking

The HiView Advantage

When you move your Google Cloud Platform billing to HiView Solutions, you gain access to more payment options as well as features that help you achieve more with Google Cloud. Harness your billing data to successfully manage billing and more for GCP.

These include:

  • Complimentary access to Ternary, a robust GCP cost optimization tool
  • Consolidation of your GCP billing IDs (if desired)
  • Expert-led workshops upon request


Contact us to start paying for GCP via invoice!

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