How to Move Your Google Workspace Account to the USA

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Update: Please visit: for the latest information regarding this topic.    For a variety of reasons, many organizations using Google Cloud products find themselves wanting to move their Google Workspace (G Suite) and/or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) billing account to the United States. In this short article, we’ll walk through the steps to take to successfully transition your billing country.  If you already set up your billing account and want to change your billing country or payment options, you can do so by transferring your Google Workspace account to HiView Solutions, a Google Cloud Premier partner and Workspace license reseller. To transfer the management of your Workspace environment to the United States, you need to generate a transfer token. To obtain your transfer token:
  1. Contact us to receive our public identifier.
  2. Go to Retrieve Transfer Token at
  3. Sign in using your organizational Google username and password.
  4. Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions.
  5. Under Enter Reseller’s Public Identifier, enter our public identifier.
  6. Click Confirm Reseller Identifier.
  7. Verify that the domain name and business name show HiView Solutions.
  8. Click Generate Transfer Token.
  9. Let us know that you have generated the token.
*Transfer tokens expire 14 days after being generated. If your token expires, sign in again and repeat the steps above.

And that’s it!

By moving to HiView for your Google Workspace (G Suite) billing, you gain so much at no additional cost. To help you decide whether HiView Solutions is the right partner for you, here are just a few reasons why our clients choose us.

1. Speak to a real person.

No one wants to call a machine with questions about their Google Workspace account! At HiView Solutions, Google admins and users receive premium support promptly from our Google-certified Cloud Engineers. Our team goes the extra mile when it comes to any kind of troubleshooting, not only fixing problems but also educating you regarding best practices going forward. You won’t lose access to Google’s in-house support—you’ll simply gain access to additional support services from our experts.

2. Simplify your Google Workspace billing.

IT administrators and Accounting departments alike rave about the HiView Billing Portal! Built by our engineers, this proprietary tool allows managers to easily manage invoices, browse historical transactions, and quickly adjust their license count without the hassle of submitting a request and waiting to hear back.

3. Receive premier Change Management services.

Whether your team is brand new to Google Workspace or simply could use a refresh about how to best utilize Docs, Sheets, Slides, or other applications, our Organizational Change Management team is here to help. There’s a reason why HiView was awarded a specialization in Work Transformation by Google—we know how to make change and education stick through quality live training, resources, communications, and more.

Ready to get started?

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