What is Okta for Google Workspace (G Suite)?


What is Okta?

Okta is a Single Sign-On solution preferred by organizations of all sizes. Boasting user-friendliness, fast integration, and strong security, Okta supports the workdays of millions of users around the world. By seamlessly integrating Okta with Google Workspace, you can federate your users and get up and running with this enterprise SSO solution in no time.


How to get started with Okta?

If you feel confident implementing Okta for your organization, you can do so by following the full integration guide here. Many organizations, however, find that the support of Okta experts can make a massive difference in ensuring a successful implementation. In this case, we recommend reaching out to the full-service consultants at Iron Cove Solutions. As a longtime Okta Implementation Partner of ours, and adept with all things Google Cloud, the Iron Cove Solutions team understands the ins and outs of making Okta serve your business’s unique needs. We highly recommend them for your Okta deployment and would be glad to introduce you to them–just ask.