Google Workspace (G Suite) ROI Calculator

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G Suite, as you likely know, boasts numerous advantages as a workplace collaboration platform. However, when considering making the switch, it can be useful to conceptualize the benefits of G Suite using dollar amounts. This is where HiView’s G Suite Return on Investment (ROI) calculator comes in.

Our ROI calculator, which takes about 15 minutes to complete, will help you better understand your company’s costs with present workplace technology and the possible effect of making G Suite your collaboration technology of choice. This article will walk you through the process of using the tool and interpreting its data.

You will notice that the first tab, titled “Dashboard,” features a variety of visuals to help you understand the results of the data. These data points will be calculated automatically as you fill in the rest of the sheet, so you can skip over this tab for now.

1. Company Information

Under Company Details, use your best estimates (or exact data if possible) for these details. You only need to input values into cells highlighted in yellow. Highly collaborative employees are those whose position entails regularly working with colleagues on projects, especially as part of teams. Less collaborative employees tend to be those who perform singular tasks and seldom collaborate with other employees via technology (i.e. security, production line). For these employees, the impact of G Suite on their productivity is likely to be less significant than that of highly collaborative employees, and the calculator will take this into consideration.

G Suite SKU — Select the licensing plan you intend to explore and input the monthly cost per user (USD). If you are unsure about either of these values, please reach out for help here.

2. Current IT Costs

Once again, input data for the fields highlighted in yellow.

3. Productivity

In Reduction of Travel Costs, “% Travel reduced by collaborative work” represents an estimated decrease in the quantity of business trips taken by highly collaborative employees as a result of incorporating effective remote live collaboration applications such as Hangouts Meet, Hangouts Chat, and Jamboards. The value is automatically set to 5% based on HiView’s experience with previous clients, but you can increase or decrease this value as you see fit. The same is true of the “Expected Adoption Rate” fields, which are pre-populated with typical percentages.

Reduction of Photocopies will help to measure the impact of thwarting much of the overlooked costs involved in operating in environments requiring a large amount of printing to share and review documents. If exact values are not available, input your best guess.

Time saved through improved Work Efficiency — These fields require speculation on your part. One particular point of interest is on-site employees’ ability to hold effective remote meetings, replacing the need for some face-to-face meetings and allowing users to “stack” meetings (eliminate the buffer time between meetings needed to move from place to place). If you are not sure where to start, Contact HiView for assistance with this section.

3. ROI

The values in this tab are calculated automatically. Use this and the now-populated visuals in the first tab (Dashboard) to help you evaluate G Suite as a workplace technology platform!

For further assistance with this tool and to move forward with your business’s transformation to G Suite, contact HiView Solutions.