Signature Management Made Easy: Introducing Signature Manager for Gmail

We all know the struggle of maintaining brand consistency across individual email signatures. Rogue fonts, missing information, outdated logos – it can be a nightmare. Not to mention the time wasted on individual updates and error-prone copy-pasting.

As Google Workspace Premier Partners, we have consistently encountered the issue of signature management during Google Workspace deployments. This problem is also frequently raised through our support channels. These experiences drove us to develop Signature Manager for Gmail. This is a time saver for Administrators, Marketing Specialists, Human Resource personnel or anyone tasked with this activity, streamlining signature management and empowering both us and our users.

Centralized Control, Dynamic Fields, and More:

Imagine crafting branded templates from one platform and ensuring everyone has a consistent, unified signature. No more discrepancies! Dynamic fields automatically pull accurate user info from the Google Workspace Directory, saving precious time and guaranteeing error-free signatures.

Tailor signatures to specific departments or teams, reflecting their unique branding needs. Marketing, Sales, Support – each group can have its own distinct style, without sacrificing brand unity.

Benefits for Admins and Users:

With Signature Manager, we’re able to:


      • Eliminate signature chaos, reclaiming time spent on individual fixes.

      • Enforce brand consistency, building trust and credibility with recipients.

      • Reduce onboarding stress, automatically applying pre-designed templates to new hires. 

    Users now have:


        • Effortless, professional signatures that reflect our brand identity.

        • Always up-to-date information, thanks to dynamic fields and Signature auto-refreshing every 24 hours.

      Scenario: New Hire Onboarding Made Easy

      Remember the pain of manually creating a signature, sharing it, and hoping the user doesn’t make a mistake?

      With Signature Manager, simply assign the desired  template to the user group. Boom! Their signature is automatically updated with their info, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

      Choose Your Plan:

      Effortless Signature Management – Two Plans to Fit Your Needs:

      Feature Lite Version (Free) Premium Subscription
      Template Assignment Assign to individual users Assign to individual users, groups, or organizational units
      Dynamic Preview See signature preview with user information See signature preview with user information
      Verification & Accuracy Review user information for consistency Review user information for consistency
      Placeholders Company & user placeholders for dynamic updates Company & user placeholders for dynamic updates
      Number of Templates Up to 5 custom templates Up to 5 custom templates
      Template Application Manual application Global, group, or OU assignment
      Admin Access Single super admin user Multiple users (admins & non-admins)
      Automatic Updates None Scheduled syncs every 24 hours
      Support None US business hours support (24-hour SLA)

      Let’s Revolutionize Email Communication!

      Check out the video, share your struggles, and envision the ideal solution in the comments below. Together, let’s conquer email signature chaos!

      P.S. Don’t forget to check out the FAQ section for answers to common questions.