What is Virtru?

One of Google Workspace (G Suite)’s major advantages is its advanced security standards. This is especially true of the Enterprise edition, which includes the Security Center, an invaluable asset allowing administrators to identify, organize, and combat actual and potential threats to an organization’s security.

However, even these standards of cloud security can be taken to the next level with Virtru. This service bolsters Gmail security by protecting messages and attachments with end-to-end encryption. With Virtru, users can view who has read their emails and wield meticulous control over email access. Encrypted content can be shared with whomever the user likes, eliminating the need for complex permissions processes. Furthermore, keys can be hosted anywhere, streamlining the document sharing process.

Still, users enjoy best-in-class security with Virtru, with easy tools to help organizations handling personally identifiable information (PII) remain compliant with HIPAA, FERPA, and other privacy regulations.

Included are thoughtful user functions such as the option to disable forwarding, set expiration dates, and add watermarks to attachments.

User-friendliness and a swift rollout process make downloading Virtru a breeze. Unlike legacy data protection products, there is no need for users to create a separate account, making user configuration take as little as minutes. Like Google Workspace, Virtru does not require the installation of any new software to operate. All users need to get started is a browser and their work email account.



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