What is Cloud Identity Premium?

Cloud Identity Premium expands upon the free edition, offering enterprise security, mobility management, and end-point administration. This stand-alone product provides full access to user management, apps, and devices via the Google Workspace (G Suite) Admin Console.

Looking for an LDAP solution?

Cloud Identity can be connected with multiple LDAP servers including OpenLDAP and Microsoft Active Directory, allowing administrators not only to provision users but also to manage apps and mobile devices, helping the IT team perform multiple tasks using a single console.


The latest Google Workspace Enterprise features are included with the Cloud Identity Premium edition, including the Google Security center, Context Aware access, and password management, giving more granular access control of resources based on security policies, alerts, and reports.

If you are a GCP user, you can grant access levels for specific projects and resources using the AIM service. Unmanaged Google profiles used by developers for work-related projects can be migrated to the Cloud Identity service, giving administrators full access to management and compliance settings across all services in your organization.

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