What is Google Currents?

You may have heard the recent announcement that Google Currents, which was released in beta in mid 2019, will be making its debut as a generally available G Suite application on July 6th, 2020. So just what is Google Currents?

Google Currents, formerly known as Google+ for G Suite, is an enterprise communication tool. Google Currents shares some attributes with its predecessor Google+, but Currents is designed specifically for internal organizational communication.

Currents helps organizations stay well-connected within and between all levels and departments. Currents can be moderated by both G Suite admins and delegated content managers. This can help ensure that organizational dialogue stays productive. One attribute that helps keep your Currents feed as informative as possible is its relevance rankings. Once you indicate your interests by following tags, the most relevant content will be shown at the top of your feed.


In short, Currents helps make organizations more productive by keeping everyone on the same page with unique efficiency and ease of use.


Beginning July 6th, Google Currents will be available to all G Suite customers as it is included in the price of subscription. Are you a current G Suite customer looking for help with upgrading from Google+ to Currents? Or a prospective G Suite customer seeking a Google Partner to provide licenses, migration, and change management services? Contact us.