Why Google Voice for Staffing Agencies?

As a recruiter, it’s not unusual for days to be booked back-to-back with emails, messaging, and of course, phone calls. Some challenges come with these tasks, not the least of which is call management. Valuable working hours can be wasted on the handling of misdirected and spam calls, taking time away from crucial correspondence with clients, leads, and team members. Google Voice features powerful AI technology that filters out spam calls and transcribes voicemails automatically.

Google Voice can be accessed from any device, so recruiters can enjoy the flexibility and convenience of working wherever, whenever, while keeping their personal number private. All calls within the U.S. and Canada are always free, as are any inbound calls from around the world. Additionally, the highly customizable interface means that elements such as number assignment, call redirection, and touchpoints with leads can be easily implemented and tracked, making call technology a powerful asset rather than a barrier. Queues for Voice are currently in development.

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With seamless integration into workplace collaboration technology, particularly G Suite’s Hangouts Meet video chatting platform and Calendar scheduling software, Google Voice streamlines business practices in conjunction with tools including a built-in virtual assistant to route calls and adjust language according to the caller’s location.


How do you deploy Voice?

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Integration of Google Voice is fast, simple, and scalable. Global deployment can be performed from anywhere with minimal administrative work.

Users may opt to register a new phone number of their choosing (performed by Administrators) or import their existing work number, and are free to change their Voice number at any time thereafter. No software except a web browser is needed to start using Voice. However, users may choose to add the Google Voice browser extension to enable notifications and activate single-click calling while browsing web pages. While Chrome is the recommended browser for using Voice, the application can be accessed via any browser.

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