Top 7 Reasons to Use Google Voice for Business

a laptop and a phone beside it

From its integration with Google Fi to its broadening availability around the world, Google Voice has been making headlines in the business world. More organizations large and small are opting to add Google Voice to Google Workspace (previously G Suite), or to purchase the telephone solution as a stand-alone product.

Below are some of the top reasons why our clients and others choose Google Voice for business.

1. Works on any device, anywhere

One of Google Voice’s unique advantages is that it can be used from any smart device. Place a call on your desktop and easily switch to your smartphone, or vice versa. And since Voice can run on cellular data or WiFi, no data plan is needed.

2. Intelligent call forwarding capability

It’s very simple to create and change call forwarding settings in Google Voice. You can easily select and edit which of your devices will receive incoming calls. Standard and Premier account users can also make use of Google Voice’s multi-level auto attendant so that callers can easily direct themselves to the proper inbox through easily-created forwarding rules.

3. 24/7 Google support

In addition to the assistance you will receive by working with a Google Partner like HiView, Google’s support team is available to help with any questions you may have 24/7. This feature is available to all Voice plans.

Before contacting the support team, you might choose to browse the Google Voice Help page to see if the answer to your question can be found there.

4. Strong admin controls

Admins can easily configure a wide range of features for their users. These include assigning custom numbers, using app reports to understand how your organization is using Voice, creating automated attendants to smoothly direct calls, and much more.

5. Google Workspace integration

Google Voice shares more with Google Workspace than its familiar, user-friendly interface. You can use Google Voice directly through Gmail by clicking the Voice icon, located in the sidebar on the right hand side. Additionally, Voice’s integrations with Meet and Calendar helps keep your workday moving smoothly.

6. Intelligent AI

Google Voice’s advanced AI means that when someone leaves you a voicemail, you can save time by reading through the automatically-generated transcription instead of listening to every message.

Additionally, Voice’s AI automatically blocks annoying spam calls, helping you keep your attention on what matters.

7. Lightning-fast deployment

Especially with the help of a Google Cloud Premier Partner like HiView, Google Voice can be deployed organization-wide practically instantly. This means no downtime and minimal administrative work for your company.

For more information about Voice including plan options and pricing, see our Google Voice page and YouTube playlist. To get your organization started with Voice, contact HiView Solutions, a Google Cloud Premier Partner and authorized reseller of Google Voice.