Protect Your Sales & Marketing: Optimize Email Deliverability After Google’s Bulk Sender Guideline Updates

Prevent mail to Gmail users from being block or sent to spam

Google’s Feb 2024 updates to Bulk Send Guidelines mean stricter rules for bulk email senders.  IT admins, protect your sales and marketing teams from deliverability issues that jeopardize campaigns and lead generation!

Key Changes to Google’s Bulk Sender Guidelines:

  • Mandatory Email Authentication: You must authenticate using SPF and DKIM if sending bulk emails from your domain
  • Easy Opt-outs: Clear unsubscribe links are a must for compliance.
  • Stricter Spam Filters: What got through before may not anymore. Content and settings need review.

For a full write up, review this blog post about the changes. I also suggest review the Email Sender Guidelines updated FAQ.

New Offering from HiView: Email Delivery Health Check

We now offer a $2,500 fixed fee engagement to ensure your organization is compliant with the new standards. Activities are delivered by a certified customer engineer and include: 

  • DNS Deep Dive: We ensure your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records are configured correctly
  • False Positive Fix: Stop good emails going to spam folders! We analyze and recommend adjustments
  • Google Postmaster tools: Google’s tool gives you the data, we help you use it.
  • IT Team Training: Prevent future issues with expert knowledge transfer.

The Bottom Line: Poor deliverability costs you leads.  Proactive email health check is your competitive edge. Contact our team below!