How to Migrate Drive Files Between Domains Without Breaking Links.

When migrating Drive files between Google domains, typically URLs will change. However, there is one simple workaround to avoid link breakage.

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What are broken links?

“Broken links” or “link breakage” refer to the issue of migrating Google Drive files from one domain (or “tenant”) to another, causing all of the files’ URLs to change. Additionally, all Google Sheets that reference another sheet for data break. This means that URLs would need to be manually updated anywhere they appear, and all Sheets references would need to be recreated following the migration. These activities are extremely time-consuming and burdensome for teams. However, this can be avoided by following the workaround outlined below.

Other factors and limitations:

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Step 1:

Single-click on the file at the top of those you want to move.

Step 2:

Hold Shift while clicking the file at the bottom of those you want to move.  You can now drag all of the selected files to the desired location at once.

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