Migrating ADDA Infusion from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace

Seeking to improve their collaboration technology, ADDA Infusion opted to migrate from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace Business Standard. A Google representative introduced the ADDA Infusion team to HiView as a reseller and partner for migration, training, and support. HiView’s Technical Lead and Change Management Lead executed the project over the course of approximately 6 weeks.


The challenge

There were two domains to be migrated: addainfusion.com and hrbyadda.com. Within these domains were 21 total accounts and 3 distribution lists. All email, OneDrive, contacts, and calendar data needed to be migrated.

Some of the users had conflicting accounts, which are defined as accounts with a Google service (Search Ads, YouTube, etc.) which were opened using the company domain name. It was crucial to the team that all Google Drive files stored in conflicting accounts were preserved in the new Google environment.


The approach

The ADDA Infusion team first created a list of users and distribution lists to be migrated. The HiView Technical Lead then identified all conflicting accounts using a tool in the Admin console and sent an email to each affected user. This email asked them to authorize an automatic transfer of the conflict account data to their new Google Workspace account.

User accounts were then provisioned, and following this, bulk migration of email and OneDrive data took place. All new mail was then routed to the new Google Workspace accounts. Delta migration was executed on the same day, migrating all recent email data as well as calendar and contact data. No issues were reported during or after the migration.

The HiView Change Management Lead administered a 1-hour training session for all users, preparing them to effectively use their new Google toolset. A total of four email communications were also sent to lead users through the change. In these communications, a link to a custom Support Site was shared, providing a recording of the training session, instructions for completing key tasks in Google Workspace, and other resources.

The HiView Engineer led two 1-hour Admin training sessions to enable ADDA Infusion’s primary Google Admin to take advantage of the new features going forward.


The results

  • All email, OneDrive, contacts, and calendar data migrated for 41 users
  • 3 distribution lists migrated
  • Zero downtime occured for all users

“The HiView team was extremely helpful throughout the migration. We are thrilled that both domains and all the accounts were migrated successfully. Thanks for everything, and we are loving our new Google Workspace environment!”

Dylan Schultz, Partner, Marketing & Operations
ADDA Infusion

About ADDA Infusion

Founded in 2019, ADDA Infusion improves employee experiences through tailored human resources advisory services. Their specialties include general HR administration, payroll management, and talent management.

Industry: Consulting

Location: Chicago, IL

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