Transitioning Aquila Management’s Medical Doctors to Google Workspace

After reaching out to Google expressing an interest in moving their collaboration systems to Google Workspace, Aquila Management Services was introduced to HiView Solutions. As a HIPAA-compliant company, data security was a priority for the team throughout and following the transition.


The challenge

Aquila’s team had four separate email domains as well as a Dropbox account, all of which needed to be migrated to a single Google Workspace account. As a small organization, Aquila does not have a dedicated IT department. Additionally, the team (comprised mostly of busy medical doctors) was brand new to Google’s products for work. This meant that professional Change Management was in order.


The approach

The HiView team assigned one Technical Manager and one Change Management Manager to the project. On the technical side, the consultant configured the migration tool to work with two types of protocols to enable migration from the multiple platforms. Connectivity tests were executed. The HiView consultant also exported a list of applications using legacy user email accounts for authorization for the client’s awareness. Finally, a bulk migration was executed, moving all user data to the new Google environment.

As for Change Management, the HiView consultant created an optimized communications timeline, drafted communications materials, and administered live staff training to help Aquila’s team get up to speed with key Workspace applications.


The results

  • The transition completed without interruption to the 28 staff members
  • User email addresses remained the same with the 3 additional domains created as aliases for select users
  • Live trainings were executed for both user and Admin tasks
  • The HiView consultants were on-call for Aquila’s team throughout and following the transition

“Everyone successfully transitioned to the new Workspace environment with minimal issues. From my perspective, this was one of the easiest projects I have worked on with an outside vendor. I felt immensely supported and like we created a strong working partnership.”

Cameron Govier, Program Manager
Aquila Management Services

Aquila Management services

About Aquila Management Services

Comprised of Aquila Healthcare Solutions, West Coast Critical Care Specialists, and West Coast Pulmonary Physicians, this company enhances delivery of high-quality patient care.

Industry: Healthcare

Location: Oxnard, CA

About HiView Solutions

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Google Workspace

Change Management Services

  • Live user training sessions
  • Live Admin training sessions
  • Communication timeline and materials


Client Type: Private

Number of Seats: 28

Project Completion Date: July 18th, 2021