’s Email and File Server Migration Executed Following Acquisition of Carpeturn

Following its acquisition by Arbor (Arbor Contract Carpet, Inc.) at the end of 2020, Carpeturn management reached out to HiView Solutions seeking assistance with email, contacts, calendar, and file server migration. Arbor’s data was migrated to Carpeturn’s existing environment to facilitate collaboration.


The challenge

Carpeturn’s team was already on Google Workspace, but Arbor was using Exchange. The companies decided to consolidate their environments into Google Workspace and reassign the domain “” to all accounts.

On the file server side, Arbor was using a Windows file server in contrast to Carpeturn, which used Google Drive. Arbor also used a Windows CRM which was core to their business, so maintaining this connection was key. The Arbor team utilized complex folder mapping which also needed to be taken into consideration.


The approach

HiView helped Arbor identify the final list of users to be migrated and worked with their legacy provider to obtain admin access. Then, migration was executed for email, calendar, and contacts.

Tests were run to confirm that the bandwidth was sufficient to move the data from two file server locations. HiView’s technical lead decided to use three separate migration instances to ensure a successful migration.

The HiView team held meetings with internal stakeholders to help HiView determine the appropriate approach for recreating Arbor’s complex folder mapping.

Over the go-live weekend, early access was provided to upper management who worked to bring access permissions up to date.


The results

  • 250 users were migrated to the new environment
  • Arbor’s CRM service experienced minimal downtime
  • 3 Gmail training sessions were held for all users
  • 1 Admin training session was executed
  • Carpeturn and Arbor user domains were successfully renamed to

“We have been very impressed with the HiView team top to bottom. They played a key role in successfully migrating Arbor’s legacy email, calendar, contacts and file server data without business disruption. The Arbor team is now enjoying more effective collaboration in our now-shared Google Workspace environment. We look forward to continued support from HiView as our Google Cloud partner.”

Joe Savarino, VP of Technology

About Arbor

A leader in the multifamily flooring industry since 1982, Arbor has the experience and resources to expertly deliver flooring installation, replacement, and repair in 16 major US markets. They strive to build long-term relationships with each client to understand their business objectives. Arbor clients can visit our secure online system at 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to schedule installations and repairs, track unit history, create estimates, complete prorate statements, rate installers and more.

Industry: Flooring Installation
Location: United States (Nationwide)

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