Boston Retail Solutions Runs on Google Workspace (G Suite)


Working with Boston Barricade the following initial goals were identified:

  • File Sharing consolidation – As company previously used Box, OneDrive and SharePoint, it was time to consolidate and use Google Drive as a single platform for all file storage and collaborative needs. Google Drive has popular collaboration tools like  Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, but also supports the storage of non-Google files as well.

  • Google Meet for all meetings – With a nationwide presence, Boston Barricade employees need to be able to connect with one another easily at the touch of a button, and that’s where Google Meet comes in. Providing a video conference solutions for up to 50 users at once, the ability to dial in and dial out to users, and screen-share meant it was the perfect solution for facilitating collaboration across the business.

  • Mobile device management – Mobile working is key, especially for employees working outside the office. Having a robust, secure mobile device management solutions is essential to that strategy. G Suite allows you to enforce passcodes, manage applications, as well as give you the ability to wipe all company related information instantly.

HiView Delivery

Boston Barricade opted for a one phase approach to deployment as they felt confident with the scope and the transition being made. Our team typically advises at least a 2-phased approach in order to test out migration and Change Management steps to reduce risk, but a 1-phase project is always an option.

With the decision to go G Suite made, Boston Barricade also procured new cell phones for field staff. This together meant HiView Solutions was able to tie in mobile device setup and management prior to cell phones being deployed. This ensured a seamless experience for users as they went to Google G Suite.

The project team went live with G Suite two weeks prior to the rest of employees, which allowed some of the questions and expected use case scenarios to emerge. All in all, the deployment was greatly successful with Boston Barricade commending HiView Solutions on the most seamless deployment of a technology that impacted all users to date.

About Boston Retail Solutions

Founded in Boston, Boston Barricade quickly found clients interested in robust, environmentally friendly barricades. The team also realized that interest extended far beyond Boston. Over the past 30 years, their passion has been to cultivate a strong brand and reputation centered on customer satisfaction. A major focus is sustainability; they have developed barricades that are 100% reusable and recyclable, reducing the amount of barricades that end up in landfills.

Industry: Retail, Manufacturing
Location: Vero Beach, Florida

About HiView Solutions

Building your business for tomorrow. A Google Cloud Premier Partner supporting medium-to-large companies with data migration and Change Management. 



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