Merging Two Google Environments Following Acquisition by CargoRx

After CargoRx acquired Haney Freightways, their leadership was interested in improving collaboration and data management. Both companies were already using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), but they wanted to share a single domain and environment. They sought out a team that could migrate their data smoothly, and soon connected with HiView.


The challenge

Although it was CargoRx who acquired Haney Freightways, the team decided to migrate the CargoRx data to the Haney Freightways environment because the former had less user accounts. This created an extra step; the environment’s primary domain and user email addresses would need to be renamed to after the migration. Otherwise, the migration’s requirements were straightforward.


The approach

The HiView consultant began by drafting several change management email communications. These informed all 29 employees about the migration, including the project timeline, what to expect, and how to access their accounts. All employees were also provided access to a Support Site containing resources and information pertinent to the migration. Additionally, the consultant also led a training session with the team’s primary Google Admin, covering best practices for managing the environment.

On the technical side, the consultant first migrated all Google Drive and Gmail content, including Shared Drives. Later, the domain swap was executed late on a Friday night to ensure no user disruption. The second round of content was then migrated, encompassing all content created since the initial migration. Finally, user email addresses were updated to reflect the new brand, and the team began accessing and working within the now-shared environment without issue.


The results

  • 8 users migrated to the shared environment
  • Zero downtime
  • 1 Admin training session held
  • 1 Support Site shared
  • 4 communications sent to end users


“The Google Workspace migration went flawlessly. The HiView consultant’s attention to detail ensured a seamless transition that allowed us to focus on our core business objectives.”

– Kevin Kersting, CEO

About CargoRx

Founded in 2020, CargoRx is a cargo transportation company specializing in modern solutions for shipping by land or air. They offer multi-option pricing, ETAs for every shipment, contact-free electronic documentation and real-time carrier geo-tracking.

Industries: Transportation

Location: Commerce City, Colorado

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