Embracing cloud-based solutions with Google Workspace

Upon a Star Travel, a leading travel agency, embarked on a digital transformation journey to enhance their business operations. They sought the expertise of HiView Solutions, a Google Workspace specialist, to migrate from Microsoft Office to Google Workspace.



Upon a Star Travel faced several challenges with their existing Microsoft Office setup:

1. Collaboration and Communication: Given the remote nature of the travel industry, they needed a more robust platform for collaboration and communication among their team members and clients.
2. Cost Efficiency: Seeking cost-efficiency, they wanted to explore a cloud-based solution that eliminated the need for on-premises infrastructure and reduced licensing costs.
3. Integration and Compatibility: Upon a Star Travel desired a solution that integrated smoothly with their existing tools and platforms, providing a hassle-free transition.


HiView’s Solution:

HiView Solutions devised a comprehensive strategy to address Upon a Star Travel’s challenges:

1. Google Workspace Migration: We meticulously planned and executed the migration from Microsoft Office to Google Workspace, ensuring minimal disruptions to their daily operations.
2. Collaboration Tools: We customized their Google Workspace accounts to meet the specific needs of a travel agency. This included setting up real-time collaboration tools, shared calendars, and video conferencing solutions to facilitate communication.
3. Cost Savings: HiView Solutions helped Upon a Star Travel optimize their IT costs by moving to Google Workspace, eliminating the need for costly on-premise servers and reducing software licensing expenses.
4. Training and Support: To ensure a smooth transition, we provided training to their team members, making them proficient in using Google Workspace for their travel services and enabling them to use features such as Online Appointment Scheduling.



The results of this transformation were highly impactful – Upon a Star Travel saw a significant improvement in collaboration and communication within teams and with clients, enhancing their ability to plan and book travel with 0 interruptions. The transition to Google Workspace resulted in significant cost savings, allowing them to allocate resources more strategically. The integration and compatibility of Google Workspace with their existing systems streamlined their daily operations.

“Thanks to HiView Solution for everything!! I can’t tell you how easy you made this for me.”

Jennifer Novotny, Founder/Agent
Upon A Star

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