Migrating 41 Users to Measurabl’s Google Workspace Environment Following Acquisition

Measurabl, a HiView Google Workspace customer, approached our team to request a data migration. They had acquired software company Hatch Data and needed all user data migrated from hatchdata.com to measurabl.com.


The challenge

In total, 41 user accounts and 44 Shared Drives were to be migrated. Shared Drives were of particular interest as they played an important role in the users’ day-to-day work. To ensure that Hatch Data’s Shared Drive contents were not mistakenly migrated to an existing Measurabl Shared Drive of the same name, the HiView engineer mapped these carefully and added “Hatch” to the names of the destination Shared Drives (e.g. Hatch – Partners).

Additionally, all former Hatch Data users were upgraded from their legacy G Suite Business accounts to Measurabl’s more advanced Workspace Enterprise Plus edition.


The approach

Prior to migration, Measurabl already provisioned a new account for each user, and users had access to both of their accounts. The HiView engineer retrieved a list of users to be migrated. Then, the destination Shared Drives were created using the naming convention previously described.

All Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Contacts data was successfully migrated to the Measurabl Google environment with no downtime. To keep users informed about the change, three user communications were sent: a transition announcement, a migration update, and a message welcoming users into their newly-updated accounts.


The results

  • All Google Workspace data was migrated for 41 users
  • 44 Shared Drives were migrated
  • All file sharing permissions were preserved
  • Zero downtime occurred for all users

“HiView’s consultants were extremely responsive throughout the process. The migration went very smoothly and there were no obstacles or delays. We will definitely work with HiView again for future acquisitions!”

Darrian Pierce, Senior IT Project Manager


About Measurabl

Measurabl is the world’s most widely adopted ESG (environmental, social, governance) data management solution for commercial real estate. It helps companies measure, manage and disclose their ESG performance, assess their portfolio’s exposure to physical climate risk, and more.

Industry: Software

Location: San Diego, CA

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