12 Domains Consolidated into 1: Streamlining Patron Technology’s Google Environment

Industry leader Patron Technology had a total of 12 separate Google Workspace domains following its acquisition of numerous companies. The team looked to enhance collaboration between their approximately 400 users and more effectively manage account security by consolidating all accounts under management of one Admin console. Seeking a Google Cloud partner with proven experience executing multiple-domain Workspace-to-Workspace migrations, Patron Technology leadership selected HiView Solutions to perform the project.


The challenge

This large-scale, complex migration project required significant strategic agility. For example, user mapping was a challenge as some users had multiple (2-3) different accounts which needed to be merged during migration. This required meticulous tracking on the part of the project team. All “old” domains were retained as secondary domains in order to serve as email aliases for users.

Another concern was the volume and organization of data. Many accounts were quite large, and a single account was used for archiving a significant amount (~2TB) of data. This combined with users’ complex folder structure made the project an ambitious one.


The approach

  • HiView engineers ran an environmental scan via Cloud Migrator Objective: To measure the amount of data, size of objects, and confirm the achievability of the desired timeline
  • A pilot was run, migrating 1 of the 12 domains and validating the findings of the scan
  • The remaining data was migrated using Cloud Migrator


The results

  • 11 domains successfully migrated to 1 single domain
  • The transition was seamless for the 678 total accounts, with no disruption for their ~400 employees
  • All necessary aliases were assigned
  • IT management complexity was significantly reduced with the adoption of a single Admin console
  • User data is now more easily monitored and audited via Google Vault 

“HiView successfully brought all of our user data into a single domain, integrating the many acquisitions our company was built on into a single environment. This has made IT management so much easier (especially around DLP, SSO, and IDM) and our staff is very pleased with their simplified Google collaboration experience—it’s helped us collaborate a lot more easily!”

Ben Ferber, Internal Project Manager
Patron Technology

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