Raven Smoothly Transfers GCP Environment to New Workspace Domain

In December of 2020, Raven reached out to HiView for assistance with migrating to a new Google Workspace tenant, including transferring their Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environment. In early January 2021, Raven went live in their new tenant with all of their GCP projects remaining active throughout the migration process.


The challenge

Raven needed to migrate its Google Workspace account to a new domain. This entailed not only migrating Google Workspace (i.e. Drive, Gmail, Contacts, Calendar) data to the new tenant, but also migrating Google Cloud Platform (GCP) projects with 0 downtime. In the migration to the new tenant, GCP resources needed to be transferred from the source tenant to the new tenant. In order to do this, the team needed to unlink the GCP project from the source Workspace tenant, temporarily “orphaning” the project. They could then link the project to their new Workspace tenant. HiView stepped in to ensure a seamless transition.


The approach

  • The HiView team performed a full audit of the GCP environment (Services used: App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud Functions, SQL databases)
  • HiView engineers presented watchpoints that could impact the transfer
  • HiView’s colleagues at Google aided the team by unlinking the project with the source tenant
  • HiView engineers coached the Raven team live via screensharing to help them properly transfer their services


The results

  • All Raven services were successfully migrated with 0 downtime
  • All GCP projects went live on the date of the domain swap
  • Raven moved their GCP billing to HiView, consolidating Google Cloud billing

“I was thrilled by how smoothly the GCP transfer went. The HiView team enabled us to seamlessly transfer our entire GCP environment with zero downtime. I’m glad we can rely on HiView for GCP expertise going forward.”

Stefan Diasti, CEO

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About Raven

Founded in 2017, Raven produces innovative, patented scanning and document management technologies with unlimited storage, AI-powered text recognition, PDF editing, and more. Their mission is to provide a complete paperless solution that simplifies workflows in a seamless, user-friendly manner.

Industry: Software

Location: Houston, Texas


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