Domain Migration Performed Following Company Rebrand to RootLogik

As part of their company rebrand, the RootLogik (formerly BMK Solutions) team approached HiView for help with a domain migration and an upgrade from legacy G Suite Basic to Google Workspace Business Starter. HiView executed the migration and upgrade, sending periodic communications to inform all users of the changes.


The challenge

The RootLogik team needed an updated domain to reflect their new brand identity. For their domain migration (also referred to as a “Workspace-to-Workspace” migration or a “domain swap”), 84 users and 8 Google Groups were to be migrated from the Workspace environment to The HiView consultant would preserve all data: Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Contacts. Additionally, the consultant needed to ensure that users would receive emails sent to their old email address in their new inbox.


The approach

First, the RootLogik team sent a finalized list of users and Google Groups to the HiView consultant. The consultant used this to review the user mapping, ensuring that all data would be migrated to the correct destination account.

Next, the destination accounts were created in the RootLogik domain. The consultant then configured the migration tool (Cloud Migrator) and began the migration of Gmail and Drive content. Forwarding rules were configured so that emails sent to the source domain would be received by users in their new inboxes.

Finally, the second migration phase was executed, migrating all recent Gmail and Drive content as well as all Calendar and Contacts data. The data migration itself required three weeks, which is standard for a migration of this size.


The results

  • All Google Workspace data was migrated for 84 users
  • 8 Shared Drives were migrated
  • All file sharing permissions were preserved
  • Zero downtime occurred for all users

“Working with HiView was extremely easy. Our users experienced no disruption during or after the domain migration. I will be recommending HiView to our future clients for all Google Workspace needs!”

Mayur Narasimhan, Chief Technology Officer

About RootLogik

Founded in 2009, RootLogik is a consulting company specializing in data solutions. They utilize custom software, analytics, and machine learning to help businesses across all industries transform their operations.

Industry: IT Consulting

Location: Oxford, MI

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